First of all we would like to make it very clear that our server has the purpose of providing fun to our players and not raising money. Every server has costs and these costs are paid for with donations made by our players.

We do not accept bribes! Everything that a player gets by donation, everyone who donates will also have access!

All donations are received at the end in BRL currency.

Name Donate (BRL) Voulchers Bonus Total
Voulcher Donator R$ 10,00 334 16 350
Voulcher Donator R$ 50,00 1.667 93 1.760
Voulcher Donator R$ 100,00 3.334 336 3.670
Voulcher Donator R$ 500,00 16.667 2.503 19.170
Voulcher Donator R$ 1000,00 33.334 6.766 40.100

All donations can be made on our user panel automatically or through the links below and it is necessary to send the receipts by email or discord.


All donations are made voluntarily, we do not refund any amount. Remember, you are not buying, you are donating!